The Department of Education was started from 1997. It has been offering 3Year Degree general course. Where as for the Honours Course was started in the year 1997. The Department has continuously  ventured into several activities and programmes within and outside the college. The Department is shouldering the the responsibility of imparting knowledge to the students, value, education to the student, acquainting students with the innovative practices in education, as well as preparing the personality development as a whole.

sl No. Name of Faculty Members Qualification Designation
1 Ms. Arwanka Lamare MA/B.Ed/NET Head Of Department
2 Dr.(Ms)Iaraplang Dkhar MA/B.Ed/PhD Assistant Professor
3 Ms. Unique G. Lamare MA Assistant Professor
4 Ms. Basilasa Bareh M Assistant Professor

Career and Prospects:
The Department is in a progressing stage and a number of students opt the Honours Course. The Honours Course in education would give new aspiration to students to pursue higher studies and specialization. The Department is also paving the way for various prospectives in the field for Guidance and counselling, adult and continuing education, teaching and the like. They can opt for teaching at the Elementary School, Secondary and the Undergraduate level. Student can continued their B.Ed Course and also can pursue for MA, M.Ed course as well. Students can join the Administration work in the field of Education. Education as the subject inter-related to the discipline such as Philosophy, Psychology and sociology and so on making it relevant to the study of these other discipline the student can take up the same as well.