A Candidate seeking admission to the Class XI Commerce Course should have obtained at least a Second Division (aggregate 45%) in the Class X Board Examination with a minimum of 50% in Mathematics.
Subjects Offered:
1. Compulsory Subjects:             English, Environmental Education, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies and Entrepreneurship or MIL Khasi/Alt. English
2. Additional Subject(Any One):  Entrepreneurship or MIL Khasi/Alt. English

Please Note:
(a) All Higher Secondary(Commerce) Students must have a total of 7(seven) subjects including English and Environmental Education which are compulsory Subjects.
(b) Students may select either Entrepreneurship or MIL Khasi/ Alt. English as their Additional Subjects provided it is not already selected as an Elective Subject.
(c) An Additional Subjects may replace one of the compulsory subjects such as Economics, Accountancy and Bussiness Studies as an Elective Subject Offered under item (a) above as provided under MBOSE rules.
(d) Only Khasi is offered as an MIL subjects at this stage.