The B.A Pass course in History was introduced with the establishment of the college in 1997 and subsequently in 2002 the college began offering its student the Honours Course.

Sl No. Name of the Faculty Members Qualification Designation
1 Ms. Annarika Thma MA Head Of Department
2 Mr. Wandy E. H. Lamare MA Assistant Professor
3 Ms. Larimi E. Langstang MA Assistant Profesor

Students Prospects and Oppurtunities:
As far as the Academic aspect is concerned, the study of History at the Degree Level in either the Pass or Honours Course, is not only an enriching experience for the students but also offers huge scope for further study, especially in the fields of Archaeology, Anthropology, Art and Architecture, Folkloristics, , Musicology, etc. Moreover with the proposal of the UGC to incorporate the History of North East India into the mainstream of Indian History, the scope of research and investigation is further widened. With the emergence of new sub-disciplines such as Environmental History, Militay History, Food History, etc. within History as a subject, students are provided with greater oppurtunities for specialisation.
Besides the above, the completion of a Bachelors Degree in History helps students to complete in various competitive exams both at the state and national levels. Above all, employment opportunities also exist in different departments such as the Department of Art and Culture, Archives, Tourism and the like.