The Department of Philosophy initially began offering the BA Pass course in 1997, the year in which the college was established and started offering students the Honours Course in 2005. The Department has committed itself to the modest task of imparting quality education to students and now conducts the Honours Course in Philosophy under the newly introduced Semester System. Philosophy is also taken as an Elective subject by students opting for Honours in other subjects.

Sl No. Name of the Faculty Members Qualification Designation
1 Mr. Marbait Tyngkan MA Head Of Department
2 Ms. Penial C. War MA Assistant Professor
3 Mr. Dakyntuhimi G. Lyngdoh MA/NET Assistant Professor
4 Ms. Riakor Nylla Rymbai MA Assistant Professor

Prospects of Students
A Guiding, overarching aim of the programme, is to provide students with an appreciation of the value of philosophical enquiry, and with the skills they need for critical engagement in life. Our aim also is to help and equip students with key skills of hamanities education, including morality, responsibility to society, and the ability to write clearly and effectively , to analyze carefully, to reason correctly, to exercise critical judgement, which can be applied in subsequent careers, and to help students develop as independent thinkers and lifelong learners.
The course is intended for student who plan their career especially in civil services and also for students who which to pursue their career in law, publishing and journalism.