The College has constituted a number of Committees for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities.

Physical Facilities:

The College has adequate physical facilities like classrooms, Common Room for Boys, separate Department Rooms for faculty members, adequate Library and Administrative space. These facilities are all available for the benefit of the students and staff. The Campus and Infrastructure maintenance Committee has been constituted for the maintenance of these physical facilities. This Committee holds regular meetings to identify areas that require attention and report the same to the Principal who is responsible for initiating necessary action.

 Academic Facilities:

The College has Committees like the Academic Committee, Admission Committee, Library Advisor Committee, etc. to facilitate the utilization and maintenance of academic facilities and resources available.

Support Facilities:

Facilities like Medical Care Unit, Canteen and Reprography meant for the use of students and staffs are also maintained through committees which are instituted by the College.

The functioning of these committees is monitored by the Principal who keeps the Governing Body informed about all the important matters that need their approval.