The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell of the Thomas Jones Synod College was set up in 2016. The aim of setting up this cell was to create an awareness and to help prevent sexual harassment in the educational institution. The cell is very much committed to help create a healthy and safe environment in the college. The cell aims to inculcate a sense of respect with one another, maintain a respectable relationship amongst the students community where they will learn to become more sensitive to one another and help them to realise that harassment in and of itself is demoralizing and degrading. The cell is so much concerned about the sexual harassment that often occurs in the present society, even in the college community, so it takes the initiative to step forward to organize an awareness programme in the college.
The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell had organized an 'Awareness Programme on Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the educational institutions' on the 28 September 2016. In this programme, Smt I. Kharpran, Sub Inspector of Police , In-charge of  Crime Branch, Jowai Police Station, was invited as the resource person. Smt. I. Kharpran presented and gave valuable information which proved to be very useful not only to the students but to teachers as well. The resource person shared and highlighted the need to create awareness especially among students of the meaning of Sexual Harassment , and how it can be prevented. Through this programme the cell is hoping that a sense of respect is created in the college community as it being a co-ed institution and to prevent it from happening now and in the future.
The Cell is hoping to conduct more meaningful programs which will prove to be very helpful for the institution as a whole.