Our environment is an essential part of our life. A clean environment is very necessary to live a peaceful and healthy life. Here comes the role of Eco Club. Eco-Club is a paltform on which we get the knowledge about environment and how to conserve it. the Eco-Club of the college was established in the year 2015 under the guidance of the principal, Dr. R.R Kharkongor with Smt. S Dkhar , Assistant Professor in Environmental Education as the convenor of the club. Around 40 to 50 students registered every year and become members of the club, Assistant professors as well are appointed as member.

The following are the names of the Assistant Professors:-
1. Shri. W.E Lamin (History Department)
2. Shri. E. Lamare (History Department)
3. Smt. V. Bamon (English Department)
The Club have a great vision ahead of it and the motto of the club is "Serve to Conserve"

1. To Make students understand the importance of environment.
2. Encouraging students to keep environment clean and green.
3. To motivate the students to help conserve the environment.
4. To create a clean and green consciousness among students.
5. To be a role model to others and to the community.

I ___________________________ of Thomas Jones Synod College, an active member of the eco-club of the college pledge to commit myself to the preservation of the environment. I also pledge to dedicate my will and strength towards the well being of the society through the various activities of the eco-club. To this end, I solemly pledge that I will always remain sincere, hardworking and loyal to my duties.